The Port was set up for handling vessels of 6,000 DWT to 40,000 DWT (LOA 111 to 215 meter) and commenced operation from Dec, 2000.

The initial design capacity of port was 1.80 million ton per annum.

Company added more customers and has surpassed the design capacity for continuous 7 years.

Company modified its jetty in FY 2016-17 to handle large vessels upto 60,000 DWT (LOA up to 232 meter) and made the Port VLGC compliant.

Port has flexibility to handle combo parcel i.e. loading / unloading of two cargoes simultaneously.

Company installed LPG Blender in May, 2018.

It has handled about 5 million ton cargo in FY 2017-18 which is highest since inception.